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If you are looking to buy a brand new stained glass panel for your door or window then AWG will work with you to design your piece.

We have decades worth of pictures for you to browse through for inspiration, both in our workshop and across our social media platforms. We can work from your own design; or we can use the traditional designs from your street.

stained glass panel being made


Many houses have beautiful glass panels in need of some love and care. They are often a key part of the character of our homes and can easily be over a hundred years old.

From a simple onsite repair to a full restoration, AWG is on hand to ensure that your stained glass is preserved for future generations.

stained glass panel being made


Working with an established panel of joiners we are also able to help with the design, sourcing and fitting of new doors. 
Here are some recent examples…. 
photograph of a new door


We love old doors and feel that all too often a perfectly good door is consigned to the skip. So for us, door overhaul is about giving your door some love.
Ensuring it fits well, updating locks and security and fitting decent draught proofing means we do everything we can to ensure it is up to the job.
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door undergoing overhaul


While stained glass alone does provide an adequate level of security – after all it’s served the purpose on thousands of homes for many years – adding an additional layer of glass is recommended to aid security, stability, thermals and acoustics.

We offer two different types of security glass; our standard laminated glass works beautifully and is practically undetectable at night, when your internal lights are on. But it does have a level of reflection to it when viewed from outside during the day.


security glazed stained glass panel

We therefore offer an upgrade option to an ultra-low reflection museum-grade laminated glass. This is largely invisible and ensures maximum curb appeal. The museum glass gives the best of both worlds;  traditional appearance with the reassurance of modern security.

Adding an additional layer of glass can usually be achieved in any door or window.

We always recommend the additional glazing be the outermost pane to ensure the stained glass is protected if the door gets slammed or someone is up to no good.

Furthermore, AWG also offers a range of double-glazed solutions. These can be tailored to suit your requirements.