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Art With Glass

The Stained Glass Studio

How We Work


Whether you’re looking for new panels or for restoration of existing panels, we ask you to send some photos of what you’ve got currently and some rough dimensions so we can best advise you of your options. 

With a new commision we will also ask you to give us an idea of the kind of design you’d like whereas with repairs a tally of cracked or missing sections is really useful. 

During initial conversations, we will talk you through all your options and also advise on security glass. We offer two grades of security glass that go on the outside of your stained glass, and we can also have your panels encapsulated into a double-glazed unit.

photo showing drawing of stained glass panel with sample pieces of glass of different colours


If you’re having a new set of panels then we work with you to create a design that you love. This could be a design you’ve seen on our website, on your street, or a totally original creation.

We have plenty of inspiration for you if you are stuck and years of experience matching designs to period properties. We also invite you into our studio to choose all the colours and textures in person. 

operative designing stained glass panel sections


Once you’re happy with the design and we’ve helped you choose all your colours and textures, the panel is handmade or restored using traditional techniques by our talented team here in our South London studio.

operative creating a stained glass panel


Our removal and installation team have years of experience in the careful extraction and fitting of stained glass panels. This can sometimes involve a level of carpentry needed to your window frame or door which we do onsite.

If you are having older panels removed for restoration and repair then we always leave you securely boarded up for peace of mind. 

operatives installing glass panels